Join our open meeting:

Wednesday April 4 at 6PM
Ungdomshuset, Dortheavej 61, 2400 Copenhagen NV

You don’t need to have a lot of experience in activism nor do you need to have read a lot of difficult literature to join. If you agree to our 10-point programme and you are* a woman and/or transperson you are invited.

We’re looking forward to seeing you! ♥ ♥ ♥
REMEMBER: There has never been a revolution with just cismen at the front.
*Gender is done in many different ways and nobody but you decide if you fit in the group. Non- binary and genderfluid people are of course welcome.

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Kom til åbent møde:

Onsdag den 4. april kl 18.00
I Ungdomshuset, Dortheavej 61, 2400 København NV

Du behøver ikke at have kæmpe erfaring med aktivisme eller have læst en masse svær litteratur for at være med . Hvis du er enig i vores ti-punkts program, hvis du er* kvinde og/eller transperson og hvis du har lyst til at være aktiv med os, er du inviteret.

Vi glæder os til at se jer! ♥ ♥ ♥

HUSK: Der har aldrig været en revolution kun med cismænd i front!

* Man kan gøre sit køn på mange måder og du vuderer selv om Agita er en gruppe for dig. Nonbinære og genderfluid personer er selvfølgelig velkomne.

Mere info på Facebook og Duk Op!


Fuck the masking ban!

The government is currently talking about a masking ban with the purpose of preventing muslim women from wearing niqab and burqa. According to the politicians it is in order to protect these women from the oppression of covering up women’s bodies. But in Agita we cannot see how muslim women can be protected through discrimination. We cannot see how equality and forced undressing of women is related. We think that the masking ban is actually disguised racism, trying to make it look like an attempt to create equality. Continue reading


TW: rape and sexual assault

(læs på dansk)

In the event of the great success that #metoo has gotten, we would like to say how awesome it is that people are fighting to break the taboos concerning rape and sexual assault. We see it as a positive thing that people feel safe enough to stand up despite stigma. On the other hand the hashtag do have certain tendencies that are not without consequences for some victims.

First of all, there are many #metoo-supporters that encourage other victims to tell their stories or use the hashtag for the sake of the extent in order to show just how many people are affected by sexism and rape culture and have experienced sexual assaults. Even though this does have an effect, especially on people who hasn’t considered the exact extent of rape culture before, there is a huge group of people who choose not to come forward for a number of different reasons. This is okay, because it is NOT the responsibility of the victim. They should not feel forgotten, pressured, obligated or less worth because of that. It is their choice. It is up to each person how they want to come forward or if they do not wish to do so at all.

Secondly, it is important that we do not forget the many people who has been speaking up until now and have fought to break the taboo of rape and sexual abuse despite fear of consequences like violence, threats, ridicule and suspicion. They must not be forgotten!

Thirdly, it is way too common that the focus is put on the victim instead of the abuser. We think it is really cool that people have chosen to speak up through #metoo, but we also want everyone who has conducted, seen or joked about sexual assault to come forward with #ididit, because the assault is the responsibility of the assaulter. Everyone knows people who have experienced sexual assault, but few know the people who did it. The focus must be turned towards those who do the sexual assaults, and it is those people who need to step forward and take responsibility, as it is never the victim’s fault no matter what the world around us is trying to tell us.

There is nothing wrong with stepping forward – quite the opposite – but it’s important to remember how we articulate ourselves, position ourselves and what we demand from each other in a movement like this.

Join the G20 conference!

(in Danish/på dansk) 

From the 12th-14th of May a conference concerning G20 – it will take place at Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke on Fælledvej 12, 2200 Nørrebro and in Ungdomshuset at Dortheavej 61, 2400 Nordvest.

Together we will take part in discussions, workshops and much more and in this way get to know more about the protests at the G20 summit.

For instance it will be possible to get information about what our German friends are planning to do during the protests, learn about your rights during the demonstrations in Germany, train your blockade skills, strengthen your own or get help organizing an affinity-group and hear more about the busses to Hamburg organised by ARNA.

In Agita we are planning a workshop, which will take place on Sunday!  In this workshop for gender separatist groups you will get a chance to meet different groups that all, in different ways, consists solely of cis women and trans people. We’re also going to discuss topics relevant to separatist activism and draw on each other’s experiences. Everyone is welcome except cis men so even if you’re not currently organised in a separatist space you’re welcome to participate.

Continue reading

Open meeting in Agita

Do you want to become politically organized?

Agita invites you to an open meeting Monday the 15th of May at 5 pm in “Kvindehuset” at Gothersgade 37.

Agita is an activist and anarcha-feminist group in Copenhagen and we are separatist for trans-people and cis-women. Our vision has been to create a group with a big network that puts anti-capitalism on the agenda in feminism and intersectional feminism on the agenda in the radical left wing scene. We feel, that there is a need for a dedicated active anarcha-feminist group in Copenhagen.

We have got many ideas and visions for our group, but we also want to get some new inputs and we want our group and our network to be opened and to get bigger. That is why we are having an open meeting for everyone who has ideas for projects that we can do together in Agita.

If you agree with our politics explained in our 10 Point Program, if you are a transperson or a cis-woman and if you want to do anarcha-feminist activism and be a part of our group, you are invited to our open meeting 15th of May at 5 pm in “Kvindehuset” on Gothersgade 37.
There will be lots of coffee, vegan cake and a great atmosphere.

We can’t wait to see you!

Practical information:
– There is a lift in Kvindehuset, but there is a staircase between the main entrance and the lift. The lift is approximately 10 steps away from the main entrance.
– It is possible to participate in the meeting if you speak English or if you speak Danish. Anything said in Danish will be translated. This will most likely be a simultaneous interpretation.
– Please don’t hesitate to write us a message, if there is anything we forgot!

Facebook event

Take back the night!

Our posters for the 8th of March are done, and soon you’ll be able to see them hanging in the streets!  They concern the necessity of us standing up for each other !

This message can never be shared too often, and that is why we invite you/your crew to print them out and hang them up – then even more people can read about, how we stand strong together and how we take back the night!

Download: Tag natten tilbage poster.pdf

To download in black and white: Tag natten tilbage sort-hvid.pdf


New email address

We have finally made a new, good and secure email address for you to contact us on! It is called You can write us there, if you want to contact us regarding questions about our group, if you want to join, if you would like to work with us or something completely different. We will be checking up on our email regularly!