8th of March 2019: Welcome speech

Denne tale blev leveret på dansk. For at se den danske version, kan du klikke her

We have gathered today because feminism must not become de-radicalized. We believe in a solidary and uncompromising feminism.

We will not walk side by side with mainstream, transphobic or nationalist so-called feminists.
The result is a watered-out feminism, a feminism that refuse to look over its own nose, a feminism that is too proud to listen and engage in dialogue. 

It’s important to remember that women are not necessarily feminists and that feminists are not necessarily women.

Because borders are violent in their nature, we think that the danish nationstate, which benefit the few at the cost of the many, is a bad starting point for feminism.

And what many political parties do not seem to grasp is that a white woman in the forefront of the party is not the same thing as equality.

The masking ban is the epitome of danish and western imperialist ignorance, when they believe that they can “free” women by undressing and punishing them. The ghetto plan and Sjælsmark [deportation camp] constitute examples of ethnic control.

Rightwing persons and parties criticize “identity politics”, but don’t understand that our marginalized identities have not emerged in a vacuum – on the opposite, they are the direct result of the oppression we are met by every day.

Transphobic feminists, so-called “terfs”, define womanhood through bodily functions, just as the patriarchy and capitalism do when they oppress us – we cannot see the radical element in this transphobic feminism. 

Our feminist solidarity must be international and without borders. And we decide what to do with our own lives and our own bodies without defining how other marginalized groups execute their politics. We, who are systematically excluded from decisions concerning our own lives, are taking over space today.

Thank you for coming,

Have a good day, comrades!

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