Bike Wars speech 2018

This speech was delivered in English. Click here for the danish translation.


A lot of people think punk is about being angry. A lot of people think feminism is about being angry. And maybe it is. We are angry. But we’re not angry without reason.

Punk and feminism are also about rejecting a lot of society’s bullshit, thinking outside the box and having the courage to envision something more.

Our communities are political in their nature.

It’s about not wanting to conform, not wanting to accept oppressive structures such as capitalism, borders, racism, imperialism, patriarchy and heterosexism. It’s about giving a fuck.

It’s about consciously prioritizing our own happiness and autonomy over the expectations from society.

A lot of us are exposed to the constant possibility of violence – whether we’re women, we’re queer, or we’re racialized.

The punk scene has the potential to be a more inclusive and safer space for us. But we have to actively listen to each other’s experiences of oppression in order to be able to do better. We gotta look after each other.

Solidarity is key. It’s something we have that our oppressors don’t.

I want to encourage you all to continue what you’re doing – to speak up when you see abuse of power and to stay angry!

Have a nice bike wars.

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