TW: rape and sexual assault

(læs på dansk)

In the event of the great success that #metoo has gotten, we would like to say how awesome it is that people are fighting to break the taboos concerning rape and sexual assault. We see it as a positive thing that people feel safe enough to stand up despite stigma. On the other hand the hashtag do have certain tendencies that are not without consequences for some victims.

First of all, there are many #metoo-supporters that encourage other victims to tell their stories or use the hashtag for the sake of the extent in order to show just how many people are affected by sexism and rape culture and have experienced sexual assaults. Even though this does have an effect, especially on people who hasn’t considered the exact extent of rape culture before, there is a huge group of people who choose not to come forward for a number of different reasons. This is okay, because it is NOT the responsibility of the victim. They should not feel forgotten, pressured, obligated or less worth because of that. It is their choice. It is up to each person how they want to come forward or if they do not wish to do so at all.

Secondly, it is important that we do not forget the many people who has been speaking up until now and have fought to break the taboo of rape and sexual abuse despite fear of consequences like violence, threats, ridicule and suspicion. They must not be forgotten!

Thirdly, it is way too common that the focus is put on the victim instead of the abuser. We think it is really cool that people have chosen to speak up through #metoo, but we also want everyone who has conducted, seen or joked about sexual assault to come forward with #ididit, because the assault is the responsibility of the assaulter. Everyone knows people who have experienced sexual assault, but few know the people who did it. The focus must be turned towards those who do the sexual assaults, and it is those people who need to step forward and take responsibility, as it is never the victim’s fault no matter what the world around us is trying to tell us.

There is nothing wrong with stepping forward – quite the opposite – but it’s important to remember how we articulate ourselves, position ourselves and what we demand from each other in a movement like this.

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