2017: Open meeting #2

Do you want to become politically organized?

Agita invites you to an open meeting Monday the 15th of May at 5 pm in “Kvindehuset” at Gothersgade 37.

Agita is an activist and anarcha-feminist group in Copenhagen and we are separatist for trans-people and cis-women. Our vision has been to create a group with a big network that puts anti-capitalism on the agenda in feminism and intersectional feminism on the agenda in the radical left wing scene. We feel, that there is a need for a dedicated active anarcha-feminist group in Copenhagen.

We have got many ideas and visions for our group, but we also want to get some new inputs and we want our group and our network to be opened and to get bigger. That is why we are having an open meeting for everyone who has ideas for projects that we can do together in Agita.

If you agree with our politics explained in our 10 Point Program, if you are a transperson or a cis-woman and if you want to do anarcha-feminist activism and be a part of our group, you are invited to our open meeting 15th of May at 5 pm in “Kvindehuset” on Gothersgade 37.
There will be lots of coffee, vegan cake and a great atmosphere.

We can’t wait to see you!

Practical information:
– There is a lift in Kvindehuset, but there is a staircase between the main entrance and the lift. The lift is approximately 10 steps away from the main entrance.
– It is possible to participate in the meeting if you speak English or if you speak Danish. Anything said in Danish will be translated. This will most likely be a simultaneous interpretation.
– Please don’t hesitate to write us a message, if there is anything we forgot!

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